Yes, there had to be a post about the eclipse.

I spent most of the time observing the world around me instead of looking at the sun.  I wanted to know what the birds and bugs and humans would do.  I used my senses to observe temperature and shadows and chickens.  I wanted to immerse myself in my surroundings.

I know some brethren who have been very interested in this eclipse as a possible harbinger of a major movement of the Lord.  Some with just mild curiosity, but some, I would wager, with either true earnestness or dread.

Me?  It was just an eclipse.  I did not expect the Lord to come out of the sky, nor aliens to descend, nor the New Madrid fault to split open.  I figured the light would dim as the moon moved, then the day would brighten again, and I would go on to my next task

However, my confidence that it was not profound illustrated one of the traps of the Intellectual Christian.  I am going to call it the Eclipse Pitfall.  It is when we allow our knowledge to preclude the possibility of the working of God.  When we are the townspeople, not Jonah.  When we are the pharisee, not the disciple.  When we are convinced that prophesies have ceased and nothing out of our expectation can occur.  We openly mock or quietly chuckle at those who look eagerly for the working of the Lord.

Now, as of yet the Lord has not made anything happen today out of the ordinary.  However, as much as we must guard against seeing portents in every cup of Darjeeling, so must we also ensure that we are not, in our own intelligence, shutting down the Holy Spirit and His working on earth.  We are smart, but not smarter than He.  There will be a time when the sun will darken and it will not be a few moments of “OOoo Aahhhh”, it really will happen and really will be the end of things.

Sometimes we are wiser to observe and not evaluate.
For Contemplation:  Where have you, like me, allowed your rational, scientific mind to be polluted with the cynicism and doubt of the secular humanism that pervades our society?  Be bold and post if you like.

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