Just as Descartes set for himself some maxims and principles for his intellectual Christian journey, so should we.

May I suggest:

  1. I am a Christian, first and foremost.  My relationship with God through Jesus overrides all else.
  2. My mind is a powerful tool, but not a master of all.  If my thoughts or beliefs are in conflict with God and His Word, then I am wrong, not He.
  3. There will be times when I do not have an answer.  This will not diminish my faith.  There are answers to all questions, I just have not found them yet.  I will get used to saying “I don’t know, but God does.  And that is enough.”
  4. It is easy to be heady in thought.  I will remember that I am not a brain in a jar.
  5. I will be patient with my more emotion-driven brethren. Neither of us have all the answers nor are better.  As I have offerings of my self, so do they.
  6. I will not allow myself to separate the holy from the secular.  All is through Jesus, for Jesus, from Jesus.  Everything I do, from eating a sandwich to revolutionizing theoretical physics is all for the glory of God.  This will keep my mind in proper order and keep me from being swayed by the ungodly through the flattery of my brain.  Feel free to add your own and list them below, if you like.  Your fellow Intellectual Christian brethren would enjoy the exhortation.

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