A quick reminder/encouragement:

The spirit is not some hocus-pocus, theoretical concept, but a part of our actual selves.  If it was not, then we would not be saved through Jesus.  If we had no spirit, we would have no need of spiritual salvation–our death would be the true end of our existence, like the death of a tree or an animal.  (Incidentally, this is what bogs down the atheist–they do not work in the spirit and do not–cannot–understand the spiritual life of a Christian.  It is atrophied from disuse.  Even those who are unsaved but not atheists understand that they have a spirit and play working in it, though they are a blindfolded rocket, so to speak, thrust but no vector).

Plus, mere intellectual knowledge does not open the relationship, nor bear fruit.  I can know everything about Abraham Lincoln from his height to his favorite pen, but I don’t have a relationship with him.  I might know everything about him but not KNOW him.

We have a relationship with God, and that takes place in our spirit which is communicating and hanging out with His Spirit.  For those who work spatially, some visualize sitting at the feet of God.  Some describe “God in my heart” or “Breathing in God”.  Whatever term is used, I believe all are describing the actual work of our spirit.

Let’s be diligent, my brethren, to exercise our spirits, to learn to dwell there, to meet the Lord there.  Jesus’ sacrifice was real and really gave our real spirits real connection to the one real God.  Use it.

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