My vision.  That is a dangerous precept….that my vision is God’s vision.  I am not saying it is at all.  However, I submit it to Him and to you.  May it be found worthy and His plan.

My vision is to re-unite learning and faith, science and sacred, intellectual and believing.  Re-establishing God as head over all, and bringing science, study, thought, as a form of glorifying the Lord.

I believe this is a sound purpose and an obvious one:  there is nothing that was not created by and through Jesus.  Therefore, any investigation, discovery, understanding, invention is still all by and through Him.

(For reference, I define science as the study of the Lord’s creation, from subatomic molecule to massive universal systems.)

I believe that there is an artificial separation between faith and science that was never meant to be before the Fall.  The Lord created everything and we cannot invent anything that surprises or surpasses Him.  Plus, He is the God of order.  Of creativity.  Of wisdom.

Our intellect gets us in different doors and spheres of influence AND can be used to glorify God through the discovery of His incredible works.

What I hope, brother and sister, is that we use our intellect, creations, inventions, existence to continually shine the glory of God in the darkest places in our society, for truly all belongs to Him.

How may I help you in this?  Have you prayed?  Do you know your sphere of influence, that portion of the universe that the Lord put you in so that you could do good work?  Have you been diligent in it?  How can we encourage you?

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