I was thinking about how many women long to be warriors, strong, bold.

I wonder how many who are Christians recognize that the battle is spiritual, the stakes are eternal, and it has nothing to do with what the world says, about how we come across in the world, or if we are recognized as lionesses and fierce dragons or thought of as sweet little mama/grandma types.

It is quite the paradigm shift when one stops trying be accepted as a mighty warrior to the people around her and realizes that a prayer is more powerful than a sword, a Psalm is a valid and terrifying war cry, the enemy is everywhere, and we can fight him in boots and bdu pants or in the most delicate and lacy of aprons tucked around little ones who cling to our knees.

I think living for Christ and being powerful in Him often doesn’t mean we look or are treated as “powerful and commanding respect” in the world, because our battle is fought in realm above it.  Again:

Our battle is fought in the realm above it.

I wonder if this is a relatively unexplained or unexplored part of the church–how to equip women (and men) to actually recognize and fight the spiritual battle in the heavenly realms and how to differentiate between building one’s “respect factor” in the world and fortifying oneself in the spiritual battle.  Do we want to look tough on earth or do we want to be tough in the spiritual realm?  Are we borrowing an identity or are we living it?

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