There is a great misconception about introversion and extroversion.

I blame the internet.  And extroverts.  And introverts.  We all mess this up.

Extro/Introversion does not refer to how nice you are:  There are introverts who love the whole world and extroverts who are actual psychopaths.  And vice versa.

Extro/Introversion does not refer to how shy you are:  There are shy extroverts and bubbly introverts.  And vice versa.

Extro/Introversion does not refer to how much you talk:  There are introverts whom you cannot GET to shut up and extroverts who are basically functionally mute.  And vice versa.

“-Version” refers to basically two things (depending on if you are going with cognition models or personality models):  Where you look for information FIRST and/or where you derive your energy.

An introvert, when FIRST presented with a problem, will more likely say  “What do I know that I can use to solve this?”  An extrovert will more likely say “Let me tell others about the problem and see what other people say”.

More likely.  Not definitely.  Not always.  Humans are complicated critters and there is a lot of extra stuff like age, experience, type of problem, socialization, gender, etc that comes into play.

Now regarding the personality model, an introvert usually derives his energy from quiet and aloneness, while an extrovert usually derives his energy from people and busyness.

This does not mean the introvert does not love deeply.  Or does not want to play.  It means that the introvert likes to take a little time now and then to just sit still, relax, process.  They recharge their emotional and mental batteries with stillness.

An extrovert gets their emotional and mental batteries charged with excitement and people and talking it out.

Neither of those are better.  Neither of those are the result of sin or failure or lack of ability.  It is just the way the Lord made folk.

I cannot stress this enough:  introvert does not mean selfish and self centered.  An introvert can be selfish and self-centered, but he or she can also be deeply sensitive and loving.  Just because an introvert is quiet or still, that does not mean they are arrogant or aloof.

Extroverts can also be selfish and self-centered.  The life of the party might be the life of the party because they generally love to make people happy (loving) OR they actually demand an audience (selfish).  Extroverts can  be deeply thoughtful and gentle with others’ hearts.  It is not “-version” that makes a person loving or selfish; it is their heart.

There is no inherent “goodness” in anyone, we are all sinful.  The introvert and the extrovert alike both have sins.  However, it is not a sin to require just a little more downtime to process/recharge or to seek to feed off the energy of others, any more than it is a sin for a body to sometimes require sleep and sometimes require exercise.


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