One moment you feel fine.

The next moment, your throat is on fire and you feel like you got hit by a truck.

Welcome to the wonderful world of influenza, that pesky little group of malcontent germs that have tormented folk for centuries.

It wracks the body with fever and chills and coughs.  The body aches and the head pounds and the problem isn’t that you’re dying, but you’re not dying fast enough.

Then there’s what I call spiritual flu.  Basically the same thing except this is an attack on the spirit by the enemy of our souls due to our lowered faith resistance.  It can start with the most innocent of comments, thoughts, or actions that move us just a little bit away from the Lord, turns our attention just a little bit on to our desires, temptations, sins, insecurities, pride, etc.

One thought mutates into a doubt which multiplies into fear, anger, resentment at the Lord.  Suddenly our spirits are gasping for air in prayer, which seem to be weak and ineffectual.  Our minds work feverishly to try to recapture peace, which we often seek in places other than God.

We fall, hard.

Sometimes this attack lasts an hour, sometimes a year or more.  It really depends, I think, on how long we take to mount a spiritual immune response through prayer and faith.

One thing I have found through my bouts of spiritual flu is that the Lord is always faithful.  My flu is not because He is weak or angry or petulant, but because I am.  I just need to trust Him.

The good news is that we, if we do not abandon our faith, learn to rely on Him more and He is faithful.  The bad news is that if we are careless with the germs of our minds, we can succumb again.  We need to remind ourselves of the lessons we learn in our spiritual attacks and to keep ourselves immersed deeply in the Word and in His presence so that we keep our spirit protected.  Strongly consider stocking a “spiritual flu cabinet” with passages from the Word, notes to yourself about His faithfulness in previous bouts, reassurances against the wiles of the enemy (you know what your weaknesses are).


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