Weighing heavily on my heart…
Folk, the Lord is timeless and all knowing and all powerful.
He is, at once, in every time at all time. St Augustine describes it so beautifully that His Word is still “alive” right now because the syllables are being spoke every second. Otherwise, the words of God would end, but they don’t.
That is a heady thing, and hard to wrap a head around, but the long and the short of it is that the Lord was just as present and all knowing of America 2019 when He wrote the Word back in the day. At the point He said “Don’t lie” He was in all of the time for all eternity because He of who He is.
And He was not a Roman, that He would write Roman culture, nor Ephesian that He would write Ephesian culture.
No, His Word is *HIS* culture. His rules are HIS rules. They are not a backlash to Rome, but rather lead Romans to Him and 17th century French to Him, and 21st century Americans to Him, and 30th century (whatever group is going to be around in the 30th century) to Him. This is HIS righteousness, not a compromise of hygiene or pagan worship or whatever.
And His rules are glorious and filled with love and understanding of His poor pitiful, weak children, of which we are!
So when we get our knickers in a knot from the Word, it is because of our pride and not understanding that His Words are filled with love and purpose.
And when people use the Word as a reason to dehumanize people, that is their own evil.
But, here is the thing, the Word WILL step on your toes at some point. We just need to get that through our thick American heads. If the Word never made us have to stop a behavior we love, then we are perfect. I dare anyone to say they are perfect!
So EXPECT to have the Word of God make you wince because you did not want to have to change something in yourself.
But ALSO expect the Word of God to fill you with hope and love.
And INSIST that your churches not nod to Caesar (our culture) but rather simply follow the Word. The New Testament is easy to follow. Unless you read KJV or YLT, the words are ones that a high schooler should easily be able to comprehend.
And if we LOVE Him, then we will OBEY HIM. And then not only will we be righteous in terms of making our behavior and thoughts fit His Perfect Will, but we will also be blessed beyond measure.

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