Where there is no vision, the people cast off restraint; But he that keepeth the law, happy is he.
Proverbs 29:18 American Standard Version

I wear glasses.  It is frustrating when they fog up in the cold.  It is downright dangerous for me to drive without them.  Not only do I risk myself, but I risk others.  I might feel as if I was still capable of seeing, and truly I am not so blind as to mistake a house for a street in the daytime.

I could back down my driveway with ease.  Buoyed by this, I might even feel relatively ok driving in the midday on straight stretches on empty roads.

But the longer I drive without vision, without the bright sun, the more I get in urban areas with lots of people and traffic, the more the night falls, the more dangerous I would get…yet still think I am doing fine.

Soon my lack of vision will run over people and their pets, cause accidents and chaos.  Eventually I will terribly injured or die, and yet the whole time I will probably consider myself doing well.

It is the same with the Word of God.  We might decide we don’t need to ‘see’ a specific verse for us to live a godly life.  We might be ok with dropping this phrase or that idea.

But the longer we go, dropping the Light of God from our spirits, the more dangerous we become…and even more so because we do not realize how dangerous we now are.


Proverbs 29:18 is sometimes used to encourage making goal or vision statements.  We Americans, with our ‘work and accomplishment’ mindset love the idea that we can apply business practices in our worship.

However, this is not at all what this verse means.  This is not about goal setting and spiritual day planners.

This verse is about the vision of God and His law.  When people do not keep focus on the Lord and His law, they become “unrestrained” and lawless. This happens often when churches or people or Christian groups try to be ‘relevant’ or ’embracing’ or ‘tolerant’.

Recently our family found what looked to be a perfect church for us.  The building was 100 years old.  There was a small library and tables right there in the sanctuary.  There was stained glass and wood pews.  We went to the early service which was heavy on quiet prayer and Communion, to the delight of the introverts in our family.

There were two periods of personal prayer, actually.  One before the Lord’s prayer and one before Communion, which was taken together standing around the table. It felt beautiful and holy.

Then we came to the 4th Sunday and the pastor mentioned the “denomination we are a part of”.

My soul sank.  Denominations are expressly forbidden in the Word of God in 1 Cor 1 and 3. They are an artificial separation organized by man because we simply can’t keep ourselves from meddling in the order and structure of God.

Further research into the denomination of that church, including their handbook for their beliefs, was a punch in the gut.  Godless, unfounded, extremely ‘progressive’ ideals such as murder spilled on the pages like a tipped bedpan.  The book extolled unity but it was the false unity of the enemy who kills and destroys, not the unity of God who brings life.

The enemy will use unity–he will try to unify the lost to fight against the Lord.  The enemy will use sympathy and bad logic and chaos and lack of knowledge to try to destroy what the Lord has created.

Without a thorough and humble understanding of the Word of God, people will be ‘unified’ in their wandering and sin, which will look very much at first like tolerance and love, but the lack of the Word of God will cause the sun to set on blind drivers and they will end up destroying themselves and others.  This will continue to infiltrate into the churches of the Lord if we are not careful.

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