There is a great deal that you will learn in this process.   I very strongly recommend getting a notebook, folder, binder, or making a file on your computer where you can keep notes.  In our times of fear, we forget what we have learned.  A notebook will be a faith-builder for you and a reminder of what you have already accomplished and what steps to take in each situation.  You can also write in this book, and space has been provided often for you to use for notes.

If you are like me, you are eager, desperate to get started.  In your folder, please answer these questions.  Be detailed.  Explain your fears, your symptoms.

  1. What are my physical, mental, and emotional symptoms?
  2. What are my goals?
  3. How is this affecting my family, my relationships, my health, my quality of life?
  4. Am I ready for change? Am I just looking for a quick fix?
  5. Can I be honest with myself?
  6. How hard am I really willing to work?

During the process, as you heal, you will forget how bad off you were at the beginning.  If you have this written down, that will help you see that the process is slow but the healing is incredible…like a sunrise.  You may not notice every incremental bit of light, but soon the whole sun is shining down on you.

Likewise, when you write down your successes, your failures, your lessons, and your healing, you will see that you are making great strides in healing.  You might not realize it, but you are.

If you are willing to work, if you are ready for a change, not just a quick fix, and if you can be honest with yourself, you are ready to proceed.

If you are not quite ready, if you are not at the point where the life you are living is uncomfortable enough, nor the damage to those around you is severe enough, for you to want to change, then understand that you will probably be tempted to skip around, to ignore some lessons, to only give part of your effort.  You will definitely still come away with a few tips and tricks, but you probably will not be receptive to the deep teaching that can heal you, that will stay with you.

Honestly, I would encourage you to reconsider and dedicate your life to changing your anxiety.   Even if you are comfortable with it, it will not stay steady.  It will only get worse.  You might be afraid of what you will be asked to do or to give up.  As someone who has been where you are and is on the other side,  please let me assure you that what you are asked to do is momentary compared to what you and your family and friends are now going through and are about to go through if you do not change.  You have time to heal, but you have to be serious about healing.

If you are ready, turn the page. God bless you!


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