Introduction     6

Psalm 91     7

Yes God Will Heal You!      8-9

What Do You Mean About Shredding The Paper Tiger?     10

How To Use This Book       11

Why I Started This      12

What If I Am Not A Christian? 13

What If I Do Not KNOW If I Am Saved? 14-15

Getting Ready 16

Is This You? 17-20

The Carrot and the Stick 21

Letting Go 22

How And Why Is This Happening To Me? 23-25

Why Is This Happening To Me If I Am Saved? 26

Which Came First, the Sin Or the Imbalance? 27-29

Back To Hormones…. 30

The Cure 31-32

God’s Purpose For Our Peace 33-36

Reading The Word 37

Pitfall 1:  Rushing Through The Word 38

Pitfall 2:  Denying That We Need Improvement 39-40

Pitfall 3:  Dwelling On Our Shortcomings 41-42

“I Don’t Know If I Can Do This….” 43

“No, Really, I Do NOT Think I Can Do This!” 44-45

Finding Your Focus 46-47

A Holy Treasure Hunt! 48-50


Promises 51-52

God’s Promises Are “YES!” In Christ For You!! 53

Promise #1  Romans 3:21-24  Righteousness Through Faith 54

Promise #2  Romans 5:1-11  Peace, Joy, Sufferings That Provide Instead Of Destroy.  55

You Are Holy And Dearly Loved 56

He Knows You 57

He Gives To You 58-59

He Loves You 60

You Cannot Comprehend The Depth Of His Love For You 61

Draw Near To Him 62-63

We Can Overcome The World With Him 64

He Knows The Struggles You Have And SYMPATHIZES With You!  You Are Not Alone 65

You Are UTTERLY Forgiven!  REMEMBER THAT! 66

He Will Give You Rest 67


Spiritual Recuperation 68-69

Healing Your Spirit 70-71

We Have a Small Understanding of Him 72-73

Understanding Your Mind And Your Place 74-75

God’s Gifts 76

It Is Impossible To Please God Without Faith 77

Anxiety:  Disease Or Sin? 78-80

He Knew the Sins You Would Commit!  And Loves You  Anyway! 81

Accusations 82

Their God Is Their Stomach…. 83-84

You Have To Keep Pushing Yourself 85-86

Temptation Of Sin Of The Mind 87-89

More Explanation of Anxiety as Sin 90-93

Anxiety Weakens Your Faith 94-95

Flesh vs Spirit 96-98

Flesh vs Spirit Pt 2 99

Praise Him Always 100-103

Joyful in Suffering 104-107

His Discipline vs His Wrath 108-109

Accepting Grace 110-111

Mental Recuperation 112

Introduction to the Mental Recuperation Section         113

Each Day’s Grace       114-115

60 Seconds              116-117

Trust In the Lord With All of Your Heart       118

Defining Bad Mental Habits       119-120

“So Why Do I Have Bad Thoughts All the Time?  Why Aren’t They Good Ones?”        121

Blue Trucks and Red Cars 122

Being Disordered vs Having a Disorder 123-125

Practice Bleeding 126-127

The Difference Between Preparing For a Problem and Stressing Over It 128-129

Live In The Spirit Not Your Head 130-133

The Illogical Process Of Daily Fear 134-135


Explanation of GIGO 137-138

The Lord’s Instructions 139

How Our Entertainment Choices Affect Our Brains and Bodies 140-142

Movies and TV Shows 143-145

Written Media 146

Music 147

Websites and Chatrooms 148-150

Guilty Pleasures 151-152

Friends 153

Getting Down To Business 154

Rationalizations 155-153

The World Is Your Playground! 157-158

Long Story Short 159


Emotional Recuperation 161-162

Feeling Anxiety Does NOT Mean That Something Is Really Wrong! 163-164

This Is Rewarding You In Some Way 165-167

The Badge Of Victimhood 168-169

The Victim Celebrity 170

How To Know If Your Disorder Is Part Of Your Identity 171-172

Don’t Claim Tooth Decay!! 173-174

What Makes You Special? 175


Specific Disorder Helps 176

Spiritual Roots Of Each Condition 177-178

What Is OCD 179-183

What If’s And Yeah But’s 184-185

Compulsions 186-187

Hoarding 188-191

Panic Disorder Introduction 192

Fight Or Flight 193

They Don’t Come Out Of Nowhere 194

Breathing 195

When You Are In The Midst Of A Panic Attack 196

Mental Attitude Is Key 197

Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia 198

Panic About Panic 199

What To Expect 200


Working The Problem 201-202

On The Bridge 203-204

Working The Problem In Two Ways 205-206

You Can’t Wait Until It Stops Raining To Put Your Umbrella Up 207

Your Plan 208-209

How to Stop Serving The Flesh 210-211

Letting Obedience Work For You! 212


Your Role In The Body of Christ 213

Daily Ambassadors 214-215

Buried Talents 216-217

Our Sacrifice 218-219

He Chose You On Purpose! 220

What Did The Lord Make You? 221

List Your Talents 222-223

When God Arranges the Furniture            224-226

A “New Man” With The Same Friends           227

Shredding the Paper Tiger             228

Tiger      229


For Friends and Family               231

Introduction                                 232

YOU Cannot Force Their Healing…. 233-234

However, Your Role Is Vital! 235

“Why Doesn’t He/She Just Stop This?” 236

A Lot Is Going On Inside Their Head 237

How Long Will THAT take?  This Has Been Going On For Years! 238

Goal Setting 239

Don’t Make This a Battle 240

Rewards and Punishments 241

You Are A Rock 242

What If They Seem To Be Getting Worse? 243-244

Encourage Their True Selves 245-247


Additional Information

Better Living Through Chemistry? 248-249

Becoming A Christian  250

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