This book is set up in individual lessons.  I recommend that you start from the beginning and do the lessons in order.  While some lessons are stand-alone, many build upon previous lessons.  These lessons are designed to work with your whole self:  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  They address everything from media choices to deep spiritual truths.

Read one lesson at a time and ponder it.  Dwell on it.  Mull it.  Pray over it.  Research it.  Make it part of your conscious thought.  Take as many days as you need until you have that thought firmly set in your mind and are able to work on those principles, then go to another lesson.  I know the temptation is to race through, to achieve healing “quickly”, but that is sort of like racing down a beachside highway at 60 miles an hour so that you can see ALL the beaches on the coast in one day, versus taking time to stop at each one, take pictures, feel the sand, taste the water, note the birds and the fish at one beach, then slowly moving on to the next to do the same thing at another beach.

Be careful to avoid reading something and saying instantly “Oh I know that”.  Yes, you might know it, but are you really using it in your battle against your fear?  Stop and think:  “I know that, I have read that ….but do I actually apply it every day of my life?”.  If the answer is yes, then excellent!  Move on to the next thought.

However, if the answer is no, or if you get to the end of the book and you are not any better, then you need to go back through because there is a depth of understanding that you might have thought you reached, but hadn’t.  That happened to me OFTEN.  I had a degree in psychology and a lot of research that I had learned that I was not applying.  I had many vital parts of New Testament so fully memorized that I could pretty much quote at will.  But I had not LEARNED it, just memorized it.  I could quote exactly what the Lord said about not being anxious, but I had not applied that to my life. There is a difference!

There also might be something in a lesson that you do not want to know or do not want to try. Please let me encourage you to pray and strongly consider doing the lesson anyway, as things that we do not feel like doing are usually the best things for us to do, especially in anxiety disorders. In fact, it is the lessons we balk at that are most likely the ones we need the most.

Some lessons might seem to be useless.  You might find some lessons frightening or irritating.  However, be patient, stop, and pray.  Do not skip to lessons that might seem more interesting or less difficult.  Each lesson is important.

You are reading this for a reason.  Be patient, be open.  Take time.  Your problems are mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical habits that you have developed over the years, and it will take some time to unlearn them.  They seem insurmountable, but they are just paper tigers—fearsome looking but powerless unless YOU give them power in your life.

Pray, read, think.  The Lord knows what He is doing.  Trust Him.


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