You might  be thinking “But I am not a Christian…does that mean there is no healing for me?”.

Let me recommend that you still read this book.  Even though there will be many things that you might not understand, the Lord DID create the human body and therefore a good deal of this book will help you.  The Lord created the human brain to work in specific ways, and you can use the way the Lord created you to help you.

Now, I will be honest, without faith in the Lord, your healing will not be complete.  You might be able to get to the point where you can control a panic attack, but you will not have the true peace and joy that the Lord provides to all of those who love Him.  It is like the difference between winning $10 and winning all the money you will ever need:  You would be happy to win $10, but that’s not like winning financial freedom for the rest of your life.

Similarly, if you are not a Christian, and yet follow the steps in this book, you will reap a few rewards of seeing how the Lord created your brain.  However, ‘not quite as anxious’ is not at all like ‘eternally at peace and miraculously full of joy, forever’.  You may get to the point where you have fewer symptoms, but you will not be fully healed in your mind and spirit.  All you will be able to achieve is a temporary state of “remission”.

But the Lord has put this book in your hands for you to use, and that was no accident.  Use it freely and understand that the Lord, though you do not believe in Him or accept Him, has still made it possible for you to ease your symptoms by showing you how He made you, and providing the tools you need.  He truly loves you, personally, and I very much hope that this brings you to a place where you understand His care for you—that He provided for you, though you do not acknowledge Him.  Hopefully you sometime might accept His sacrifice for your sins, come to Him, and be fully healed.

So do not be afraid.  You have nothing to lose.  The help is there for you if you want, but you can also reject it if you choose to.  I hope you do not. I dearly hope that you realize that you are loved, cared for, and that there is more for you than you can possibly understand right now.

One more note:   Even if you have been “burned” by “religion” in the past, understand that there is a BIG difference between faith and religion.  Religion is made by man; Faith is from the Lord.  Religion is based on man’s ideals and traditions, comparing people against each other. Faith is a growing process of holiness and union with the Creator Himself.  Religion causes separations and divisions. Faith brings people together in love and unity.  There are some “thou shalt not’s” in faith, but they are lovingly given by a Father who wants the best for us and knows what will happen if we disobey those commands.  They are given for our good, not to set us up to fail or to compare us to others.

If you have had a bad experience in Christianity, that was due to religion, not faith, I assure you.  Don’t reject faith because of religion.  Understand that there is a difference between the two.  People are human, but the Lord is perfect.  Focus on His perfect love and redemption, not on fallible people.  Do not let someone who was in error keep you from love, peace, joy, and forgiveness.

I pray this book brings healing not just to your mind, but also to your soul.


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