Interestingly, research done at the National Institute of Mental Health found that oxytocin, the “warm fuzzy” hormone which is also sometimes called the “trust hormone”, negates fear.  Oxytocin actually inhibits the activity in the part of the brain that is responsible for fear (the amygdala).  *

The Lord created our brains so wonderfully, do you see?  When we trust in the Lord as He instructs us, our brains will produce the very chemicals that we need to overcome our sin of fear.  When we feel close to Him, when we draw near to Him and know that He has drawn near to us and loves us, our bodies will release oxytocin, our trust hormone, and that will subdue the amygdala.   When we trust Him, we will have no fear—not just on an emotional level, but on a biological level as well.

He created us so intricately, knows us so intimately, that He put in His Word the very key to overcoming these mental disorders, using science that would not be discovered until 2005!  Of course He already knew, He made us!

Yes, you have a hormone imbalance, but it is one that you can correct by obeying the Lord.  You are not doomed to a life of mental disorder.  He knew exactly what you would need to overcome your fear, to be whole:  you would need Him.  You would need to trust Him.  That would get your body and mind, which are His creation, into alignment with His will for you.  You will feel His love for you.  You will know, and your chemistry will react.  This will provide your healing, as well as open you up spiritually, healing your body, and enabling you to do the things He would have you do to bring others to the healing and love He provides.

Think about how wondrously He works, and how little we know!  The Bible is not just a religious text, but a biology workbook.  He knows what you need, today, more than two thousand years after the birth of His Son.  Trust Him.  Let Him start working in you right now.  You will get a fleeting glimpse of peace, maybe just a second or a half second.  You might try to grab it, and it be gone, replaced by fear of “What is He going to ask of me?  What if I cannot overcome?  What if she is wrong?”.  That is what your fear, your amygdala is saying.  We are going to overcome that basic, malfunctioning biological reaction with the Lord’s own perfection and wisdom, and get your hormones back in balance.  The Lord knows what He is doing.  We just need to trust Him.

* 8 December 2005  “Trust” Hormone Negates Fear by Kate Melville


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