Now, the Bible has all we need to be healed in practical, easy to understand tips and ways of living our lives.  But there are ways that we can sabotage ourselves.  Some of the biggest are:

-Rushing through the Word.

-Denying that we need improvement

-Dwelling on our shortcomings

-Refusing to accept that what God says is timely, truthful and for YOU, right now.

In the next few pages, we will use a trip to Yellowstone as a good illustration of each of these ways we can miss the promises of God in the Bible.

Pitfall 1:  Rushing Through The Word

Let’s say that you have always wanted to go to Yellowstone.  You could decide that you are too busy, that there are more important things to do with your time.  So you find a shortcut so that you can say that you saw the park, but you did not really spend the time necessary to experience the park.  You might consider that flying over the park on your way to Atlanta was “enough” to say that you saw Yellowstone.  Yes, you physically saw the park, but did you actually experience it?  Can you possibly reap the rewards, the experience that comes from actually going through the park on foot?

No, not really.  You cannot reap the rewards of something without spending time on it, without drinking it in, savoring it, contemplating it.  It’s the difference between seeing Yellowstone in a plane bound for Atlanta, and seeing it while spending time hiking through it.  Yes, you could say that you saw Yellowstone—out of the window at 35,000 feet.  Or you could say that you experienced Yellowstone.  You watched the chipmunks, you bathed in the waterfalls, you laid down on a rock to rest in the sun.  If you skim the Word, you skim the promises—you never actually get to hold them in your hand, make them your own.  If you wander through it, taking all the time you want or need, you find that the experience becomes a part of you forever.

If we just rush through a Bible study, or if we glance at a page, or set goals that prevent us from actually drinking in the Word, then we will not allow the Holy Spirit to make that Word bear fruit in our lives.

Linger over the Word like a fine piece of chocolate, like the last bite of a perfect meal, like the first  hug from a loved one that you have not seen in years.  Take your time, pray over it first, that you might get understanding and wisdom, for the Lord gives wisdom to all who ask without finding fault as long as we believe that He will do it.

This is a major, concrete step that you can take right now toward your healing.  Read this verse and obey it.  Do not overthink it, do not obsess or “what if” it, just read it, understand it, and do it:

James 1:5  But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. 6  But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind. NAS

So pray first for the wisdom to understand what you will read.  Then read it.  Then read it again.  Read it slowly, mulling over every word.  Ask the Lord to show you how to apply that to your life.  Say “What is this passage telling me?  How can I apply this to my daily life right now?”.  Contemplate it carefully and thoughtfully and prayerfully.  Allow the Holy Spirit to work in your spirit, to make the Word come alive.

*Now, again, I would like to just caution two things:  First of all, make sure that you do not take verses out of context!!  Context counts.  Also do not set an amount that you “have to” read.  Many days the Lord leads me to read a whole passage, maybe even a chapter or two.  But some days I will read one single verse and know that that verse is what I am to dwell on that day.  It is better to read one verse and understand it, than to skim a whole book. So do not rush.  Do not rush your healing, the Lord is guiding you.  Do not rush your reading, savor it.  Don’t dawdle, but don’t race either.  Learn.


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