The easy, short, and IRRITATING answer is “Yes, you can.”.  However, I know that does not address your feelings.  You probably feel overwhelmed.  You might feel accused and defensive.  You might feel weak and incapable.  That is normal.  These are normal feelings that everyone has when they have to change something in their life, whether it be lose weight, get out of debt, or get rid of anxiety.   We do not want to change, even if we know we need to.  Change is unsettling to the human brain.

However, the reason why you can do this is because you will be learning to obey the Lord.  Obeying His commands always has blessings and is always possible.  He never gives us a command that He knows we cannot obey.  He knows we fail, but He also knows we can succeed.

The great thing is that He will give you the strength…all you have to do is take a step in faith.  He will make your legs strong.  Then you take another step.  Then He will make your legs strong again.  You do not have to make yourself strong.  He will make you strong.  You just have to start walking in faith.  He will provide the ability, you just have to choose to trust Him over your fear.  That is it.  Trust him or trust you.  That is really what it boils down to.

So you can do this because the Lord wills it.  If the Lord wills it, you can do it.

Phil 4:13 I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. (NAS)

That is not just a pretty verse.  It is the TRUTH.  And that truth is for you.  It is not your strength (though it is your decision), it is His.  Trust Him.


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