This next section addresses the promises of God and how we can rely on them for our healing.

2 Corinthians 7:1 Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. NKJV

Reading about our sins is really hard, I know.  It breaks my heart when I have to do that for myself (which is often).  When I have to look my sin in the face and know that I have UTTERLY failed…again…it just kills me.

Make no mistake, you will probably have many occasions in your life where the Lord has to “take you behind the woodshed” and make you refocus on Him, not you.  The problem with doubt and pride (for we are afflicted with both, though the pride masks itself), is that they are easy to slip into.  It is hard to “slip into” robbing a bank, but it only takes a moment to slip into pride or doubt.  I pray that you do not backslide in this like I do, but if you do, just remember that the Lord understands, will correct, then forgive you when you repent.

You have to choose which righteousness, ability, and wisdom you will cling to, His or yours.   Understand your lack of ability, of wisdom, of righteousness.  Cling only to His ability, His wisdom, His righteousness.

It is just like the military says: “you have to break a man down to build him up”.  While it might seem that the hard part is the breaking down, you might find that the building up is equally difficult.  NOT because it is so painful, but because it is so wonderful!  Like stepping into bright sunlight, where you squint your eyes, even though the sun is beautiful and warm on your skin.  His light is too bright to look at, but too wonderful to miss.

This is where we build the foundation of good faith, of trusting in HIM, not trusting in your fears.  Your fears are your old man.  You will put on the new man in Christ.  Never forget, though, that these promises and blessings are from HIM because HE is wonderful, not from you or because YOU are wonderful.  We are still filthy rags without Him.  Our righteousness comes only from Him.  When we obey, it is because we are unworthy servants, only doing our duty.  He is the kind Master who graciously gives us all things because HE is good, not because we are.

The wonderful glory about this is that if we empty ourselves of our SELVES, then we can fill ourselves up with Him.  When we are filled with Him, then we will have reassurance of faith.  His Spirit WILL be in our hearts crying “Abba, Father!”.  We will be safe from those false, lying feelings of “Does He really love me?  Am I really saved?”.

When you have Him as your focus, there is no doubt.  His righteousness and glory drives out dark fear and doubt.  So this will heal your soul and your mind!

I will be honest, if I were to put forth every promise and blessing that the Lord offers, this book would be huge.  Open any page of the Word, and you find instruction, reproach, and blessing.  There is not one useless word of the Bible, not one.  So we will address several, but know that there is so much more just waiting for you. Just open your Bible and read until you hit one then stop and meditate on that for the day

Now that we are empty of self and wanting of the Lord, let’s fill ‘er up!


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