(Here is one of those “stick” lessons I told you about. Understand that this might seem harsh, but there is great healing in it, and joy at the end.  There is rest for you at the end, but there is also some stern words at the beginning.  We have to be stern with ourselves, so that we stop indulging ourselves.  Ready?)

Why do you fret?  Why do you worry about what you will eat or drink?  Why do you worry about crowds or danger?  Is God not enough, not powerful enough, for you?  Do you not see the Lord as your Savior?  Was He not telling the truth when He said that the very hairs on your head are numbered?

Was He lying?

Was He lying when He said that He knows the plans He has for you?  Was He lying when He said that His grace is sufficient for you?

How about when He said that He works EVERYTHING out for the good of those who love Him?  Do you love Him?  If so, then do you think that He will not work everything out for your good?

What has your anxiety, panic, phobias or OCD gotten you?  Are you joyful, peaceful?  Can you override the will of the Lord?  Do you believe Him when He said that we cannot be snatched out of His hand, that nothing, not principalities or dominions, that nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus?

Was He lying?

Either you believe that God is true and strong, or you believe that He is weak and ineffectual and you have more power over your life than He does.  Either He is true or you think He lies.  We cannot have it both ways.  We cannot say “He is almighty, all powerful, He never EVER lies, and His promises are valid and true…BUT I have to protect myself.  He cannot guard me.  I have to fear because that way I protect myself.  I have to hide in my house so that nothing bad can happen to me.”.

Either we believe that He is the Creator of the Universe, all powerful and all knowledgeable, able and willing to do what needs to be done, that His promises are wholly valid and that we can rest in them…

Or we don’t.  We do not trust Him.   We believe that He is ineffectual.

What do you believe?  I mean what do you truly believe?  The Lord knows your heart, but you need to know your heart so that you can repent of the falsehoods that you believe and live by.  The Lord is always faithful, even if we are not.  Our doubts do not change the Lord’s ability and faithfulness.  They do not change how much He loves us.  They do not change the fact that His promises are valid, that He does not lie.

BUT our doubts do keep us living in sin.  Our doubts weaken us so that we cannot grab on to the Lord’s blessings.  Our doubts and fears keep us weak and sick, not triumphant in the Lord.

Deep down, you believe that the Lord does not really mean you.  Deep down, you do not trust Him.

One reason we believe this is because of false humility.  On one hand we know we are saved, but on the other, we say that we are too weak, too sinful, to claim His promises to us.

Deep down we are both too proud and humble about the entirely wrong things.  We DO recognize that we are weak and sinful BUT the enemy uses that against us.  Instead of using that as an understanding of the mercy and blessing of the Lord, we listen to the lie that that is the reason why we cannot be blessed on earth, why we cannot find joy or peace.  We know that we are sinful, but we do not embrace the SALVATION, the BLESSING, the MERCY that we have been given.

Sometimes it is because we are truly that ignorant of what we have—we really did not know that these wonderful gifts, blessings, practical helps are ours in Christ.

Sometimes it is because we feel that low—we are really that beaten down by the world.  We are really convinced that our existence is a fluke, an accident, that we are not worth the air we breathe.

Sometimes it is actually a weird form of pride.  We think it is noble humility to say “Oh He cannot really mean me…I am too weak…I am too sinful…I am too small or insignificant.”.

Sometimes we are that arrogant to think we know more than the Lord.

So do not hesitate to acknowledge your weakness, to admit you’re wrong and repent.  Start right now to understand that the Lord IS more powerful than you or anything else.

Understand right now that the Lord DID mean YOU when He gave His promises.  His promises to us are not because we deserve them.  No one deserves the blessings He gives.  No one.  Not Mother Teresa, not a war hero, not anyone.  No pastor, priest, or child deserves the blessings and promises He gives us.  Only through Jesus are we justified.  And when we are justified, we are WHOLLY justified.  There are no favorites.  We each have the same say for the same blessings.  We each have prayers that are heard the same as each other believer’s prayers.  There is no “better” and “worse”.  We have all been perfected forever, and yet we all are continually being made holy.  We are all with sin, but all His children are justified.

Acts 10:34 Then Peter opened his mouth and said: “In truth I perceive that God shows no partiality NKJV

So no more of this “Oh, I am just too sinful to have blessing.”.  No more “I am just too far gone”.  No more “I secretly believe that the Lord does not REALLY mean me.”.  He DOES mean you.  YOU are holy and dearly loved.  The Lord has healing, promised, grace, and love for you.

Your mind needs correction.  You need to get stern with your mind.  But you need to be gentle with your spirit.  The Lord loves you.  Your place is with Him because He  wants you there.

Repent.  It’s ok.  He will forgive you instantly and fully.  He loves you.  Amen


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