Hebrews 11:6 says, “But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” KJV


I do not know about you, but I focused a lot on the first part of this:  “without faith it is impossible to please God”.  Uh oh….  If I had faith, would I be having all these OCD problems?  Nope.  Great…chalk up yet another failure for me.


Now, as depressing as that was, it is vitally important.  You cannot please the Lord unless you have faith in Him.  That is the “stick” of this verse.


But let’s not miss the “carrot”:  He rewards those who earnestly seek Him!  He will reward you for seeking Him.  You will be rewarded for your steps in faith.  He is not wanton, He is not going to punish you for letting your guard down with Him.  Understand that…




He is going to reward you, not punish you.  Jesus Himself told the story about the prodigal son, and if anyone knew how the Lord would treat those of us who are disobedient and repent, it was Jesus. You are going to be the prodigal son whose return brought so much joy to the father that the father set a ring on his hand, a robe on his shoulders, and a feast before him.  The Lord is not waiting until you come back to Him to “ground” you for being disobedient!  No!  He is going to usher you into His presence, set food before you, tend to your wounds, accept your apology, offer His forgiveness.  He is going to pour out His love, His grace, His mercy on you.  He will give you peace.


Now, if you are like how I was, you might draw back a bit at that.  You might feel unforgivable, unlovable.  Or maybe, deep down, the idea of His perfect love for you is just so raw, that it makes you turn your head and cry, or makes you feel a bit stony and defensive, and you are not sure why.  It is because you are guarding yourself.  You have walls up where the Lord is concerned.  You are not turning yourself over into His hands, fully and in faith.  Your faith is weak and you know that.  Don’t let that stop you from going forth anyway.  The Lord wants us to be bold in coming to Him.  He wants you to trust Him.


You need to decide to trust Him.  You need to get to the point where His love and care means more to you than anything else in your life.  Now, that sounds scary, but understand that when you surrender yourself to Him, you will be blessed, not cursed.  Remember, the verse above—He rewards those who have faith in Him, who seek Him.  If you seek Him, put Him above your doubts, have faith in Him, He will reward you.


This means you will have to give up your fear to get His gifts, but really, your fear is not really helping you, is it?  It is just a burden for you, making more trouble in your life, not less.  Protecting yourself is just making you more stressed, not less, isn’t it?  Your rest is never fully untroubled, and your days are never joyful are they?  There is never peace inside you, no matter how much you try to protect yourself, right?


So giving up your fear for Him is not really much to ask.  You are giving up a broken toy, your fear, for His perfect wisdom, care, attention, love, mercy, forgiveness, protection, and consideration.  He has such great gifts to give you.  I know it is scary to give up your fear, but do it and see that His Gifts are good and perfect, and He gives them to you freely.


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