Now why would He tell us not to be anxious?  Well because it elevates fear above the Lord.  It can even be a form of idolatry.  If I am obeying my anxiety, I am expressing no trust in God.  I am saying to God “I think that this problem is out of Your control, or You will not help me.”.  It is “Lord, I say ‘Thy will be done’, but I do not want Your will to be out of mine, and/or I do not want to have to go through what You would have me go through, or I do not believe You make everything work for my good.  I am saying Your will be done, but I do not really believe that will happen.”.

It is disobedience, almost a form of idolatry, when we put ourselves above the Lord.  For example, the Lord might want me to speak in public but maybe I am afraid to.  I am anxious.  I might even be anxious enough to make myself sick or refuse to go on stage.  At that point I put myself, my anxiety, my self-protection above the Lord’s will.  How many might have been saved that night?  Who might have gotten help?  My actions are saying “Well, it is all about me.”.


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