It is also false power, which is from the devil.  If there is nothing I can do to solve a situation, then me worrying about it makes the situation worse.  However, we worry because we think it helps.  It is superstition:  “If I think about the bad, if I worry about it, then it will not happen”.  Superstition is of the devil because it gives the idea that we have the ability to supernaturally override something without the Lord.  Prayer is the Lord’s, superstition is the devil’s.

We do this ALL the time.  Anxiety is a societal habit.  In fact, that “type A”, stress puppy of a person is sometimes even commended.

Take finances, for example.  Let’s say that the husband is out of work.  The finances are really rough right now.  Now, you have done all you can in terms of cutting back, being frugal, etc.  You are at the point where you personally cannot do anything more.  Now, if you worry, will that help your sweetie get a job?  No.  If you are at peace will that help your sweetie get a job?  Well, maybe not immediately.  However, what that will do is show faith in the Lord, will keep you from destroying your immune system with worry (you cannot afford the doctor’s bills right now!), keep you from snapping at the kids who need to see you strong, keep you from being resentful, allow the Lord to work miracles in your life.  It will also buoy your husband with your support and confidence, and allow you to praise the Lord freely.  It will be a POWERFUL, MIGHTY witness to those around you.

Or we can worry, stress out our husbands, upset the children, deny the Lord’s kindnesses, and have people say “If that’s what being a Christian is, then I’ll take vanilla…”.

Ecc 2:22 For what hath a man of all his labor, and of the striving of his heart, wherein he laboreth under the sun? 

2:23 For all his days are [but] sorrows, and his travail is grief; yea, even in the night his heart taketh no rest. This also is vanity. 

2:24 There is nothing better for a man [than] that he should eat and drink, and make his soul enjoy good in his labor. This also I saw, that it is from the hand of God. 

2:25 For who can eat, or who can have enjoyment, more than I? 

2:26 For to the man that pleaseth him [God] giveth wisdom, and knowledge, and joy; but to the sinner he giveth travail, to gather and to heap up, that he may give to him that pleaseth God. This also is vanity and a striving after wind.  ASV

Worrying never did anything good for anybody.  If you can solve the problem, then do it.  If you can’t, then give it to the Lord.  Anything else is aiding the devil, literally.  If it keeps you from trusting in the Lord, then it is a BIG HUGE SIN.

Now the Bible says that the mind of a sinful man is death.  His mind dwells on the sinful self (that part of all of us that wants to protect ourselves, that relives past haunts, that turns from the Lord, or that indulges ourselves carnally).  I believe this is not talking just about physical death, but also about death of everything–marriages, relationships, etc.

However,  the mind of a man controlled by the Holy Spirit is life and peace.  It is the Holy Spirit that teaches us and guides us.  He comforts us.  We can accept the teachings and comfort…and if we do, we will have life and peace (and that means peace even when things are not going well). (Romans 8:5-8)


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