Why does this work?

1) Your focus is not on you.  With our issues, our focus is almost entirely on ourselves.  Even when we pray, it is generally about ourselves.  We might ask for our protection, we might ask for our peace.  We might beg for our rescue.

Now, it is not wrong to ask for such things.  But we are not asking in faith, we are begging in fear.  For most of us, nearly every thought during the day is a fearful one, and one that focuses on ourselves.  We might be condemning ourselves for our weakness, we might be begging the Lord for our healing, we might be afraid that a cup is not “clean enough”, we might grimace as our raw hands are plunged into hot water, we might shrink away from going to someone’s house, we might be dreading what might happen in a few hours or days (“Will I get sick?  Will someone die?  What if the house catches on fire?…”).

However, when we praise Him, when we honestly say:   “I am putting aside myself, and only praising You Lord.  For these moments, I devote my heart, my soul, my mind to acknowledging Your greatness, Your majesty.  My only mission on earth, my only purpose right now is to glorify You.”, we are then  putting ourselves aside.  We are devoting ourselves to the Lord.  Our minds are not being allowed to go hither and yon into every dark crevice and fearful wondering.  Our minds are forced to focus on the most glorious part of existence—the Lord.

When we do that, we cannot think of ourselves.  For one moment, when you are fully in praise of Him, glorifying His name, His sacrifice, His majesty, then you are free.  You are free from your bounds in that moment, because your problems are from focusing on you, but at that moment you are not.  You are focused on Him


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